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Primacy’s Experience Design team is a multi-faceted force. We’re designers, technologists, writers and strategists, with backgrounds in art, business, psychology, experience and industrial design. We collaborate seamlessly with each other, our agency colleagues and clients, to design experiences that resonate with customers in the most meaningful moments along their journeys.

What we do

Vision & Strategy

We help businesses visualize the many dimensions of their customers’ journeys. We use data and research to reveal the motivations, behaviors and meaningful moments customers share with brands. We then concept, sketch, prototype test and iterate our designs to arrive at solutions that are smarter and deliver greater value for clients and customers alike.

Research & Testing

We specialize in research strategies that enhance our understanding of your audience throughout the design workstream. Our research and testing approach spans the entire customer engagement funnel including: early generative interviews, customer surveys, concept focus groups, one-to-one usability interviews, A/B testing as well as multi-variate testing.

Design Workshops

Our experience design team specializes in facilitating and leading workshop sessions that engage and involve our clients in the design process. Our workshops help businesses build consensus and achieve tangible results quickly in areas such as process optimization, design excellence, and customer persona and journey map development.

Experience Architecture, Patterns & Systems

Building from the strategic foundation, we develop the information architecture, user flows, interaction and content patterns. We demonstrate how these building blocks of the customer experience align with business objectives as well as the brand narrative.

Front-End Build

Focused on coding the visible layer of experiences, and seated right alongside our designers (literally), our Experience Technology team is passionate about building the most engaging, brand-enhancing and immersive experiences using the latest front-end technologies.

Transformational Technologies and Trends (3T)

As a digital agency, part of our mission is to separate the hype from opportunity. We help our clients align transformational technologies and trends with real-world use cases that can have positive and measurable impact on their business.

OUR WORK WITH Experience