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With an ROI of 122%, email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to grow business. The level of sophistication available to power email campaigns is unprecedented and requires a partner with deep knowledge and expertise across platforms. The Primacy team is built of skilled strategists, technologists and creatives ready to develop and implement world-class solutions that drive smarter experiences and successful business outcomes.

What We Do

A Solution for These Times

It’s been said that email is having a moment. With so much physical distancing, the power of email is more relevant than ever. Why is it so great? It’s personal, customizable, trackable and best of all, allows the marketer to engage with their customers and prospects at home with thoughtful and meaningful messaging.

It's Harder Than It Looks

Anyone can send an email, right? But a responsible and impactful email communication stream or marketing campaign is a different beast. Doing it well means dedicating resources, finding a partner and using a sophisticated platform. And then developing a shared process and being disciplined enough to stick to the process. We’ve invested a great deal of time and effort in developing our approach. One thing we've learned is that when you do it right, all those complex processes don't seem complicated at all when someone sees your message in their inbox.

Don’t Trust Us, Trust the Results

We know that we can help you because our analytics measure the impact of our work. Every email we send has website tracking code that we customize to ensure that we maximize our learning. We start by benchmarking where you’re at today, report on each send, optimize where we can, and always make recommendations on how to keep improving. And you don’t have to wait for us to manually report on performance; we connect our systems to real-time dashboards, customized for the intended audience.