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With completely in-house experts including full-stack developers, architects, and DevOps, Primacy has become a highly sought-after digital partner for Drupal website builds across a number of industries. We’re experts in designing and developing Drupal-based web experiences of any complexity, leveraging the inherent benefits of the platform with our own expertise - giving clients the power to distribute content across digital channels more efficiently while maximizing their investments in marketing and technology.

Drupal 7 Is Expiring Soon. Drupal 8 Expired Already. Will Your Website Join Them?

As of November 2021, Drupal 8 has reached end-of-life and after November 2022, Drupal 7 will no longer be supported.  Whether you're upgrading from Drupal 7 or Drupal 8, download our white paper, Avoiding Calamity in Your Drupal 9 Upgrade.

Avoiding the Calamity
Our Work

Drupal Capabilities

Drupal Development

We believe Drupal should enable a brand’s vision with self-service tools to create and grow best-in-class site we take a content-author-first approach, and do the heavy-lifting on the tech-side. We start our implementation efforts with Drupal’s own Composer foundation project, reducing friction with updates, and design architecture using flexible page layouts and content modules. We ensure maximum scalability and longevity by vetting Drupal modules, scanning custom functionality for code deprecations, and making sure all features are integrated and compatible with Drupal Core, so that upgrades are easy and painless. We have experience hosting with Acquia and Pantheon and working within their environments.

Drupal Upgrades

Primacy has been working in (and on) the Drupal platform for over a decade. Whether upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, or Drupal 8 to Drupal 9, or migrating from another CMS entirely, Primacy can help streamline the process. From content structure, feature and functionality audits and development, to implementation and testing - Primacy ensures a seamless upgrade for both development and marketing teams alike. Primacy has experience in upgrading versions of Drupal, as well as migrating sites from other content platforms including WordPress, Sitecore, Sharepoint, and others. 

Drupal Content Migration

Primacy has built migration features to streamline the migration process including automatic media de-duplication, auto-conversion of freeform images, documents and PDFs into media entities, auto-removal of embedded HTML/CSS in imported content, standardized content inventory templates to identifying content, starter-scripts for loading content via Migrate API, and more. 

Module Development

Primacy has built foundational Drupal modules and has vetted and improved upon modules already in the community to get site builds out of the gate quicker. This foundational knowledge and expertise frees up developers to spend more time on creating customized, smarter experiences that connect with your unique customers and build your brand. Modules we have developed range from simple content widgets and page modules to more advanced modules such as people finders, news directories, and site search

Drupal Integrations

Our Drupal developers have implemented third-party tools and integrations including Salesforce, Pardot, Slate, HubSpot, HotJar, Optimizely, Google Analytics, DOMO, Amazon Lex, Rev, and many more. We have also connected Drupal to existing systems and complex data layers including single-sign-on and authentication services, as well as client data such as physician finders, faculty directories, events, and news. 

Drupal Hosting, Security & Support

Our Drupal-based sites can be hosted, maintained, and supported anywhere - as well as on our own scalable, secure, and available Drupal cloud hosting, which is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data on our hosted sites are encrypted at-rest using AES-256 encryption and leverage AWS Key Management Service to securely encrypt Webform submissions as well. 

Integration and Handoff

Our architecture is designed to allow for co-development and make handoff to in-house teams seamless. We also commonly work with providers like Acquia and Pantheon to integrate with their environments. 


And not to brag, but some very smart people from the IT department at Cornell University said our work was, “the cleanest, most efficiently coded site they’ve ever been handed to maintain."

Our Own Drupal Distribution Codebase

Leveraging our extensive experience with Drupal, we built a distribution based on the best features of Drupal, and customized for the specific needs of developers looking to start with out-of-the-box features and configurations, and for marketers looking for a flexible and easy to use authoring environment. Meet ZenSource.