Created to help organizations connect with their audiences more seamlessly and achieve key objectives without the unnecessary costs, complexity and pain.

Designed from the ground-up with both marketers and developers in mind, our Drupal solution is a powerful, smarter content management solution.

Our Work

Drupal Capabilities

Why Drupal?

The Drupal code base is free and open source but it is also safe, secure and scalable.  It also means it's cost effective to implement and easier to customize whether you're building a landing page or an enterprise web ecosystem.  You're never tied to a proprietary vendor for service and there are 1,000s of Drupal developers internationally. The Drupal community is continuously improving and millions of websites are built on its foundation.  It also integrates across the board with third party CRM platforms and web services. 

Lotus Drupal Distribution

ZenSource Lotus aims to help developers bridge the gap between what is imagined and what is real.  Freeing up time spent on things like standard configurations and foundational modules, you can install Lotus and start developing your unique user experience faster and with ease. The Primacy Drupal team has spent the time vetting, improving upon and developing Drupal modules for core Drupal CMS features not to mention, configuring the base install to be a highly functional authoring experience. Lotus is built on top of Drupal 8 and is designed to be highly flexible and allow organizations get off the ground quicker when developing a Drupal site experience.  

Secure, Supported, Portable

ZenSource Cloud offers scalable, secure and available cloud hosting based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using dedicated resources. Sites are installed using ZenSource Lotus, an open source Drupal distribution code base providing high quality, professionally developed software applications and modules.  It also includes Core Maintenance where we update your Drupal site with the latest security and software patches.  ZenSource automatically encrypts all data at rest using AES-256 encryption. For additional security, it leverages AWS Key Management Service to securely encrypt webform data. 

Frictionless Authoring and Modules

An admin authoring environment that is incredibly easy to use, quick to learn and quicker to build even the most complex content.  Moreover, we've built a lot of what you'll need so you can use your time and resources to focus on what's truly custom.  From content modules to page templates, navigation, and even wayfinding tools for event management, expert directories and news, it's out of the box and can be customized to meet your brands needs.

CRM Integrated Lead Gen Pages

Nimble and quick-to-market brand enablement platform optimized for lead gen landing pages and digital marketing campaigns. Our landing pages connect with external marketing tools to move prospects down the conversion funnel by pairing focused content with compelling calls-to-action. With off-the-shelf templates and content widgets, CRM integration and built-in analytics, it’s easy to produce, personalize and measure multiple iterations across marketing campaign initiatives. 

Powerful Search Tools

Integrated with SOLR out-of-the-box.  This means powerful search features including typeahead, faceted results, implementation common search terms, the ability to crawl multiple sites are all under the hood.  Search integrates with third party content, CMS managed, or both and is optimized to perform search quickly for site users. 

Workflow and Multi Site Management

Built with integrated workflow and multi site management capabilities for all types of organizational needs.  It contains the ability to configure as many content authors as needed and organize them into groups with specific permissions down to varying levels of granularity.  Get alerts, review content before publish as well as view and control revisions. It also has the ability to setup sites and manage in one instance. Manage sites in their own area independently, share content and setup domain controlling for specific content within their own domains.

Multi Channel Content Delivery

Manage content in one place, publish to and integrate with multiple channels. Whether your website lives in Drupal or you have many applications you need to keep up-to-date, the Drupal API can even push content to your third party site search and integrate within search results.