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We use data and analytics to form insights that fuel our thinking and inspire us to create smarter experiences. Atypically, our Data team forms the backbone of Primacy’s Design Group. Why? We believe that Data is as much a creative endeavor as anything we do at Primacy. And, Data is the core catalyst as well as the constant beacon for creative problem-solving.

How we do it

Dashboards/Data Consolidation

We help clients visualize and organize disparate data sets into a single integrated snapshot of key metrics. We develop holistic data views that provide visibility into critical activities: sales, revenue, website activity, CRM, media metrics and other key enterprise KPIs.

Quantitative Design Research

Our work in Quantitative Research gives insight into the competitive, audience and market dynamics that challenge all of our clients. We fuse both primary and syndicated quantitative research into our design process and marketing efforts to ensure we are using to data to inform our decisions as we plan and iterate.

Primary Research

We conduct primary research regularly to support our client goals and improve the design and development processes. Brand trackers, creative evaluation tests, heat maps, A/B testing, the Data and Analytics team has a wide range of skill sets and leverage the right tool for the right job. Additionally, we manage and facilitate focus groups (online and offline), create strategic research surveys, and hold interviews. Primary research provides a richer depth of understanding beyond the numbers.

Reporting and Insights

Our analysts deliver easy-to-digest, actionable reporting: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. We provide our clients with fresh insights across their business ecosystem: marketing campaigns, web site metrics, and sales activity.

Tag Management and Media Analytics Services

As websites are developed, landing pages designed and marketing campaign deployed, our tag management process ensures we’re identifying and tracking engagement with high-value content and downstream customer activities, not simply counting page views and bounce rates. Tracking your customer’s marketing and site engagement and mapping that through to your outcomes is critical in understanding what is truly effective.

Data-Informed Persona Development

We create richer, more robust personas using third-party research tools and analytics. Layering personas with select data points helps us build more comprehensive audience profiles that provide greater insight into the various dimensions of our audience: lifestyles, interests, demography, media habits, purchasing and platform usage.