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Our team builds some of the most complex, enterprise grade software applications out there. Whether it’s an in-house application or commercial grade software, if you can envision it, we can code it. Building secure, scalable, and maintainable code is not trivial. We speak the language of techs. We can debate for hours the merits of C# vs. Java, SOLID development vs. fast and loose, Github or Bitbucket vs. TFS or Azure DevOps. Oh, the joys of migrating code from dev to stage to prod - we’ve been around the block and we know the importance of good source code control. If you don’t design your branching structure properly, you’re eventually going to paint yourself into a corner.

What we do

A Strong Team Who Taps Into Each Other’s Expertise

It always helps to have a second pair of eyes, or someone who’s been through it before.  Who would have guessed that an obscure error related to startup of a windows service would be caused by having non-self-signed certificates in your Trusted Root certificate repository?   What’s the best way to apply serialized file processing using asynchronous services?  How do I design a relational database that’s both normalized and performant?  How can we create a process around security patches that’s less disruptive to the production sites? Our collected pool of experience gets us through those tough binds.

Our Approach to Application Development

Any custom-developed solution should be based on an intelligently-selected platform.  Whether you go with an open-source LAMP stack coding in PHP, or a Microsoft stack with Windows and SQL Server, C# WPF and/or Entity Framework, the platform selected should match the Business, Functional, and Technical requirements, which would include our clients' hosting limitations or technology preference

Local, Dedicated Team for Continuity & Expertise

You’ll have a dedicated, consistent team of developers working on your project.  Working with our in-house Experience, Security, Accessibility and Quality Assurance teams.  The code will be done right, the first time.   And since we don’t outsource our work, if you have questions down the road or need modifications, the same developers will be there. 

OUR WORK WITH Application Development