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Who We Are

We’re industry veterans, curious explorers and relentless enthusiasts. But more importantly, we’re a collaborative team.

Group of people looking at papers.

We build websites, marketing campaigns, tools and experiences.

Whatever the challenge, it all comes down to making the story of the brand as unique, impactful and unforgettable as possible — then sharing that story with the people who need to hear it.

A few of the people you’ll meet at Primacy.

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Cherie outside with her dog

Cherie LaFlamme

Product Experience Manager

I'm always up for an adventure with my Portuguese Water Dog, Poppy. She has webbed feet!

Chris holding the baseball he just caught during a baseball game

Chris Lagassey

Director, Experience Development

I love baseball. I once caught a foul ball during a game. It was a minor league game — but that still counts!

Craig with his wife and daughter

Craig Kallin

SVP, Strategic Solutions

I love my family. They're why I do what I do.

The top of Danielle's sneakers

Danielle Litke

Associate Director, Experience Design (XD)

Long runs, good music and sunshine — that’s my jam.

David near the ocean

David Givens

Senior QA Analyst

Former nutmegger, current Floridian, expatriate Baltimorean at heart. Ross Perot once asked me how I was doing. I’m sure I have something on the stove that I need to check on. Friends don’t let friends click the links that I send them.

Deb with her two daughters

Deb Peterson

SVP, Human Resources & Oanizational Development

My two daughters have taught me more than any other humans and my two degrees combined.

Drew and a goat

Drew Pasler

Project Manager

I’m a total goofball sometimes, but it does look like we (my goat friend and I) are about to drop the hottest album of 2020!

Erin standing in the middle of tropical trees looking up

Erin Kelly

Senior Art Director

I have a green shirt. Not a green thumb.

Evan standing near bridge and a gondola in Italy eating a slice of pizza.

Evan Diamond

Senior Experience Developer

It’s not a competition, but I’m winning.


A culture that stands apart.

Culture is not just a buzz word at Primacy, it’s essential to building the teamwork that makes everything we do possible.

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