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Experience Defines the Brand

The experiences we foster are filled with meaningful moments. From the big and life-changing to the small and everyday, those moments are what shape the customer's story.

Understand the Story

Identifying those meaningful moments is the foundation for the work we do. It’s a process we call "Story-Mapping" and it combines our analytic sensibility, technological know-how, strategic insight and creative ingenuity.


Map the Story

A Story Map is a smarter, data-driven framework we use to pinpoint the moments where we can create the most value for the customer — building greater equity in, and a stronger connection to, the brand.

Tell the Right-Brain Side of the Story

The creative side of our brain sees the Story Map as a canvas where we add color, texture and emotion — visualizing ways to make the experiences we design more useful, interesting, rewarding and meaningful.

Yellow paint

Tell the Left-Brain Side of the Story

Our analytical side views the Story Map as a living, evolving dashboard. It’s how we measure, track and improve the sum of the moments, constantly making the experiences we create smarter.

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The Sum of the Story

For us, a customer’s story can be viewed as an equation: the brand equals a series of moments, multiplied by the quality of the experiences delivered.


When the story flows and the experience is right, the relationship between the brand and its customers grows exponentially. Solving the equation to create smarter experiences that connect with people during meaningful moments is what we do. And it’s fun.