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Independent Research Firm Cites Primacy as a Key Player Among Digital Experience Delivery Service Providers

Independent agency Primacy announced today that Forrester Research Inc. cited the company in an April 2015 report entitled, “Market Overview: Digital Experience Delivery Service Providers, 2015” (non-subscribers must pay access). The report introduces a framework to help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals understand which vendor DNA best matches their initiative, and Primacy is proud to be one of the 50 ‘key players’ cited in the report.

According to the report, “Although companies today focus on multidevice, contextual experiences, 61% lack the resources to support these experiences. This means that nearly 84% surveyed users seek help from services providers. More often than not, these partners — sometimes more than the technology itself — determine the success or failure of digital experience delivery initiatives.”

“We’re seeing more interest from our clients in leveraging capabilities beyond traditional digital marketing,” said Stan Valencis, president of Primacy. “New technologies are emerging that give us the opportunity to create immersive customer experiences that help ensure that brand stories resonate and build strong connections. Our clients understand the importance of innovation in today’s crowded market, and look to us to bring the latest and greatest solutions to help them engage with their audiences in new and meaningful ways.”

Forrester states that services providers are vital to deliver engaging digital experiences. According to the report, “Many organizations rely on specialists to support digital experience delivery: 58% of surveyed firms told us they relied on these types of firms, a higher percentage than any other type of services firm.”

Primacy delivers innovative technologies within the context of their industry expertise in order to ensure relevancy and help clients connect with customers. As the digital landscape changes, Primacy continues to add to its broad range of marketing and advertising services with new user experience, analytics, media buying, technology, video production and 360-degree marketing capabilities (amongst others), all delivered with an industry-leading client services mindset.