Chris Harris

SVP of Client Services

The questionnaire we use to gather info for these bios includes the following statement: “In five words or less, my coworkers would say that I…”

Chris answered by saying, “…am a trusted partner for my team and clients alike (and that I always exceed word-count limits).”

Disdain for word counts aside, Chris has always been a team player, dating back to his years in Division I lacrosse at Adelphi University. Today, however, his goals are 100% focused on client results. He has a 20-year track record of developing insight-driven digital strategies and data-inspired big ideas—using the power of analytics to create a distinct competitive edge.

Prior to joining Primacy, Chris was the Managing Director of teamDigital, leading all facets of the agency and supporting clients such as Mastercard, the NBA, NFL, PDI Healthcare, and the American Parkinson Disease Association. He spent several years before that as SVP, Group Account Director at Epsilon, leading the marketing strategy for organizations like Unilever, L’Occitane and Energizer. He also served as VP, Marketing at Modem Media for clients from Heineken and Mars to Subway and IBM.

In addition to lighting up the scoreboard at Adelphi, he also earned his Bachelor of Arts there.

Chris Harris