7:1 employee to chicken ratio.

We’re pretty confident we’re the only agency on the planet with an organic garden and chickens, but if you know of another one, let us know. We’d love to trade irrigation tips.

We make great things for the web and beyond. It's no secret we put a lot of energy in to our work, but it doesn't define who we are. We’re an eclectic team. Strategists, designers, writers, marketers, farmers, bikers, Tough Mudder-ers. Our culture is constantly evolving based on the talented people that walk through our doors and bring fresh ideas to the table.

We're always challenging each other to be better – in our pursuits both inside and outside the office. Take a glimpse in to life at Primacy and see how we stay inspired when we're away from our desks.

Work hard. Play hard.


This isn't our first rodeo. We've all worked at other agencies. Some big, some small. Some fun, some... well not so much. But we've learned some things along the way that help make Primacy a fun, positive, creative, healthy place to be. At least we think so.

11. Get Outside.

Seriously you can’t stare at a computer for 8 hours straight. It’s not healthy.

10. Bring Your Sense of Humor.

And if you don’t have one, trust us... we’re laughing with you, not at you.

9. Be Open.

To what? Well, lots of stuff. Feedback, advice, criticism, new ideas, different foods. Life’s too short to be close-minded.

8. Speak Up.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question. Well, that’s not exactly true. But we won’t judge you for asking.

7. Be Confident.

Not cocky. There’s a huge difference.

6. Be Nice.

Work can get stressful sometimes. But we don’t take it out on each other. We wait until we get home and take it out on our families.

5. Be Considerate.

(AKA... Don’t be a jerk,) Sure this is pretty similar to #6, but we’re really big on good manners around here.

4. Collaborate Often.

You never know where the next great idea will come from. Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s a good cliché.

3. Make an Impact.

This one sounds tough, but don’t worry... usually you’ll make an impact just by doing the other ten.

2. Love Digital.

We won’t hate you if you don’t. But we also wouldn’t hire you.

1. Trust Each Other.

We’re all in it together. We all want to do good work and be home in time for dinner.