Since our founding in 1994, Primacy has grown from a one-man tech shop into a full service agency with 100-plus marketing, media, technology, strategists and creative specialists—all rowing together toward what’s next in the brave new waters of a digital world.


Data Obsessed.
Data provides the spark, the insight and the motivation to see and seize untapped potential.
Technology Inspired.
Technology shrinks the gap between what we imagine doing and what we can actually do.
Ideas Led.
Creativity—inspired and ingenious—lights the fire that leads us to build valued experiences.
Our Company

HowWe work

We put a Primacy on delivering growth. Delivering drama-free, problem solving, opportunity accentuating results – fast, with a tech, CX, and brand-driven bias, we are your secret weapon SWAT team that gets it done without hype or ego getting in the way of our single-minded focus on what’s next for your brand.

Our Clients

Our dedication to responsive, collaborative and proactive client service has helped us earn a 98% retention rate across a wide range of clients, large and small.

98% in Client Retention Rate

Our Culture

Our Culture

We strive to promote an environment that emboldens people to contribute ideas that enhance our work, our thinking and our culture. The core values we foster—honesty, ingenuity, curiosity, determination and respect—guide us in our work and the relationships we build.

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