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Who We Are

We’re industry veterans, curious explorers and relentless enthusiasts. But more importantly, we’re a collaborative team.

Group of people looking at papers.

We build websites, marketing campaigns, tools and experiences.

Whatever the challenge, it all comes down to making the story of the brand as unique, impactful and unforgettable as possible — then sharing that story with the people who need to hear it.

A few of the people you’ll meet at Primacy.

Basketball Icon
Aaron sitting on a massive rock mountain he climbed.

Aaron Kesseli, Search Marketing

I like my digital strategies like I like my mountains — interactive and scalable.

Alec's cartoon poster of the city Boston inside an alien ship

Alec Lawson, Copywriter

It’s a city. Inside a space ship. Shaped like a guitar. Who’s gonna top that?

Alex walking his dog

Alex Fraser, Analytics

I love my dog, Miska.

Ali standing next to a huge painted mural of a lion holding her hand up to it

Ali Sweeney, Finance

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Andrew standing outside in his yard

Andrew Latzman, Analytics

Seeing the patterns in nature (and my yard) is helpful in analytics and data strategy.

Andy and his two daughters in a field

Andy Berling, Strategy

We love to be outside, winter or summer.

Andy and his twin brother at New England Patriots football game standing near their seats

Andy St. Jean, Technology

My brother and I are big Boston sports fans and we’re twins.

Beth's daughter riding a horse

Beth Linnetz, Accessibility

When I’m not at work, I can usually be found on a horse or volunteering with the local Pony Club.

Bethany's two boys sitting on a step eating ice cream

Bethany Beers, PM

I’m happiest at the beach (any will do) with my two boys — and ice cream. Always ice cream.


A culture that stands apart.

Culture is not just a buzz word at Primacy, it’s essential to building the teamwork that makes everything we do possible.

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