It Doesn't Take an Aeronautical Engineer to Build a Website. Thank God.

Anyone who’s been stranded 20,000 feet above sea level or 200 miles out to sea will tell you the same thing, “It’s not a helicopter. It’s a lifesaver.”

Sikorsky makes the world’s best lifesavers. Hands down.

Since 1945, they’ve saved 2 million of them.

But when it came to showcasing their helicopters on the web—well, even Sikorsky needed a rescue.

Sikorsky Helicoptors

Virtual Hanger Tour

We painstakingly designed 3D CGI models and filmed test pilots, creating a virtual hangar tour and giving visitors—and potential customers—a sense of what it’s like to walk the floors of Sikorsky.

The lift (pun intended) they received after launch (again) was dramatic and sustained. Today, Sikorsky leads the world in aviation with a site as exceptional as their aircraft.

3D Hanger Tour

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