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Asset Management Isn't Our Strong Point. Thankfully, HTML5 Is.

Above all else, Virtus Investment Partners is committed to the success of their investors. As an asset management firm, their affiliated managers and advisors are at the center of everything they do.

Virtus embodies the unique mixture of a young company with deep, legacy roots and they recently worked to update their branding and identity that had been established back in 2008.

Looking to introduce the new brand online, Virtus tasked Primacy with guiding their digital efforts with a focus on improving navigation and user experience.

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User Experience

We set out to reimagine to create a higher quality, innovative and sophisticated digital presence that reflected the new brand. We elevated key content throughout the site, using a central rotating module that promotes essential information.

Heeding feedback Virtus had received from users, we reorganized the site’s navigation to create an improved user experience that focused on the needs of core audience members. We also eliminated Flash from the website and utilized HTML5 to create a modern, tablet-friendly experience.

The new digital presence is scalable, user friendly and a representation of the core fundamentals of the new Virtus brand.

Heather Menard

Heather Menard
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