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A 21st Century Digital Experience for a 100-Year-Old Catholic College? Can we get an Amen?

Close your eyes and picture the perfect college. Nestled on the shores of Lake Champlain. Surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks. Filled with some of the happiest, healthiest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

OK… so that last part wasn’t true. Yet.

Thankfully, St. Michael’s College realized that and gave us a call.

As the primary point of contact for their audiences, the site needed to be as welcoming as their campus—inspiring engagement, drawing visitors into the St. Mike’s community and more accurately reflecting their culture.

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Dynamic Storytelling

We did all that and then took it a few steps further, creating an experience that changes based on the user’s device, behavior and location. So a prospective student in New Jersey might be encouraged to take a weekend road trip to see the campus, while someone in California would be encouraged to check out the latest airline deals.

Take a look at the site and see what you think. Then check it out again on your tablet…in Wisconsin…somewhere overseas…on your phone…

Matt Cyr

Matt Cyr
VP, Strategic Practices
Higher Education Lead

Matt Cyr is the VP of Strategic Practices and Practice Lead for higher education. Prior to joining Primacy he was the Director of Digital Marketing at Clark University - where he led a comprehensive digital strategy implementation, including launch of a new website - and Director of Digital Strategy at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.

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