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When you only have two minutes to tell a story, better make it a good one.

Childhood obesity is one of the biggest, and most problematic, challenges of our generation. The causes are varied and complex: deep-seated, cultural, social, and economic.

ChildObesity180 is the organization attacking the issue. A collaboration of experts from business and public health, they’re combining the best ideas from science and business to forge solutions to the epidemic through work with partners, funders and though-leaders. They’re putting ideas into action, with initiatives that are producing real results.

Their challenge to us – create an engaging, online experience that tells the ChildObesity180 story in two minutes, 15 minutes or 45 minutes.

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Children in the U.S.


Annual spend on healthcare related to childhood obesity.

Impacting Change

We created the new so you can spend 15 minutes learning about the people behind ChildObesity180, their approach, and impact. We presented the issues in a professional and straightforward manner, using facts, images and infographics that all audiences would understand.

Or you could scroll deeper, exploring specific ChildObesity180 initiatives that are targeting the epidemic. You could visit the ChildObesity180 library, filled with research papers and videos. And, hopefully, you’d decide to get involved.

Whether you’ve got two minutes or 45 minutes, you’d get why childhood obesity is a problem. And why a whole generation of U.S. children will be thankful someone decided to do something about it.

The Under-Two-Minute Story

We produced a 90 second video that clarifies the issues and the ChildObesity180 vision (with super smooth voice-over talent). It tells an important story in a simple way and captures the spirit and passion of the organization.


The Child Obesity Story

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Matt Cyr

Matt Cyr
VP, Strategic Practices
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Matt Cyr is the VP of Strategic Practices and Practice Lead for higher education. Prior to joining Primacy he was the Director of Digital Marketing at Clark University - where he led a comprehensive digital strategy implementation, including launch of a new website - and Director of Digital Strategy at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.

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