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The Cold Monster Is Ready for His Close-up

Everyone knows what a cold feels like. But a lot of people don’t realize that the first sniffle or sneeze isn’t a full-blown cold yet—it’s actually a Pre-Cold.

Don’t worry. We didn’t know that either—until we were tasked with redesigning the website for Zicam, the number one cold shortening product in the country.

Their new ad campaign features the super-realistic “Cold Monster” and relies upon their new tagline “Go from Pre-Cold to no cold faster” to reinforce ownership of the Pre-Cold category. So, it was critical that the new site gave starring roles to both the character and the copy.

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Seamless Experience

We worked with Zicam’s internal marketing team and Grok, their new agency of record, to concept, design and launch the site in less than three months. In order to deliver a seamless experience across all consumer touch points, the site and mobile experience put the Cold Monster in the spotlight—using him (or her…we still haven’t figured that out) to help consumers understand the signs of a pre-cold, figure out how to use Zicam, and even use an interactive Monster Tracker to see cold alerts for their area.

We can tell you that Zicam works (it shortened colds for two creatives during the project), and we can show you that the redesign worked too. Not only is site traffic up 280%, but visitors are getting more out of each visit—page views are up 300%, time spent on the site is up 30% and, most importantly, over 20,000 coupons have been downloaded from the site.

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