Ever year, nearly 70,000 people receive a brain tumor diagnosis. It’s a staggering number.

RResearch and treatments rely heavily on funding from private organizations and philanthropists – like3000 Miles to a Cure. They use ultra-endurance events, like Race Across America, a grueling, non-stop, cross-country bike race, as a platform to raise donations and awareness.

One of five winners of Google's first Giving Through Glass program, 3000 Miles to a Cure is utilizing Google Glass to connect riders with supporters to boost fundraising efforts.

This is how Primacy helped make their vision a reality and raised over $27,000 to fight brain cancer.

We created a combined Google Glass, Android app and web experience to help raise money and awareness for brain cancer research.

It let Race Across America (RAAM) riders communicate with supporters via video and photo uploads to YouTube and Twitter, without leaving their bikes. Fans share in the experience too and are able to see what the rider sees.

Riders get real-time access to messages and encouragement from supporters. Donations are an integral part of the platform, inspiring fans to pledge funds to fight cancer.

In June of 2015, we equipped RAAM rider Rob White with Google Glass. Supporters sent Rob nearly 150 messages over his 12-day ride and they donated over $27,000 to support 3000 Miles to a Cure.

Google Glass


Funds pledged to fight brain cancer.


Inspirational messages delivered to RAAM riders.

From Prototype to Reality

We began with a prototype in the summer of 2014 and created the below proof of concept video. Our idea for the Glass app was to use Twitter and geofencing to display messages and videos on Glass whenever a rider entered a geofence region.

Messages are created using the Google Maps mash-up tool. It creates a geofence region and associates Tweets with specific GPS coordinates. We also wanted to make everything completely hands-free for the rider – receiving messages, photo and video playback, as well as reply actions.

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