We take a hands-on, empathetic approach to strategy development by putting our heads and hearts in the context of your customer.

Our strategists are digital visionaries averaging 15+ years of digital, marketing and brand strategy experience. We create award-winning brand platforms and program strategies for Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized organizations in our core industries. Forrester and Gartner consistently recognize our work as best in class.

But most importantly, we always get high marks from clients for exceeding their expectations.

Our strategy team guides initiatives with actionable insights born from in-depth customer research, brand immersion, industry analysis and marketing/CX best practices. We're incredibly passionate about what we do, bringing an infectious enthusiasm and humble joy to a very analytical and data-driven realm.

We take a hands-on, empathetic approach to strategy development by putting our heads and hearts in the context of the customer during every step of a brand experience. By identifying and aligning your customer’s evolving needs with your brand story and situation, we isolate whitespace opportunities for competitive advantage and leadership.

We help our clients play where the puck is going, creating future-ready strategies and roadmaps that spur meaningful impact for your business and your customer.

No matter the size or scope of your strategy needs, our team is well equipped to tackle any project. By understanding the competition, knowing customers’ needs and creating deeper impact in the ever-evolving marketing landscape, our clients continue benefit from our work year after year after year.

What we Do

Social Media Strategy and Roadmaps

Armed with clear goals, meaningful outcomes and a differentiated value proposition, we help our clients become a signal among the noise and mature as a social business to drive real brand impact.


Voice of Customer Research

To surface opportunities for deeper engagement, impact and brand loyalty, we conduct research that uncovers actionable customer insights. Armed with these insights, we drive ideation, innovation and optimization to pinpoint future strategy lines.

Segmentation and Persona Research

Leveraging data, secondary research and direct customer interaction, we build actionable profiles to guide marketing and experience decisions. By better understanding your customer base, we develop content and experiences to maximize your impact.

Customer Journey Research

We distill your customer’s end-to-end experience, including needs and pain points, to drive meaningful content and program development. Our end goal is always to understand and improve your customer’s brand experience.

Stakeholder & Business Discovery

To solidify context and business priorities, our strategists uncover unique assets and insights that inform a differentiated approach while remaining aligned with stakeholder expectations.

Competitive and Industry Context

After identifying how your business compares to its peers and industry competitors, we harness out-of-the-box cross-vertical thinking and ideation to distinguish and inspire.

Website, Portal and Intranet Strategies and Roadmaps

Our strategies prioritize platform investments in support of business, customer and competitive priorities. Our digital roadmaps then guide client investment, UX, IA and Creative Development.

CRM Strategy

Our strategy starts with activating prospects and customers around a specific marketing objective across all channels. By understanding the demographics and LTV of any customer base, we can drive revenues through informed, hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

Brand Ethos & Value Proposition Development

Building brand identity, credibility and relevance are keys to any successful business. We work to identify unique and impactful opportunities to differentiate your brand from the competition and activate your brand across channels.

Content Strategy

Our strategists leverage customer journeys and brand stories to prioritize upstream, evergreen and personalized content. When we connect a company with its prospective and existing customers, our content feeds marketing channels and brand immersion.

Mobile Roadmaps

We help sort through the landscape of mobile complexity to pinpoint the best opportunities for your brand to move forward.

Mike Stutman

Mike Stutman
Practice Area Lead

Mike leads our manufacturing practice. He works with global manufacturers on long-term strategic and results-focused engagements.

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Mike Stutman