Acsys Announces Dedicated Virtual Hosting Service

NOV 27, 2007

Acsys, Inc. announced the availability of its new dedicated virtual machine (VM) hosting service. Dedicated VM hosting offers an upgrade for shared hosting clients without the expense of their own servers but gives the performance, security and scalability of dedicated hosting.

This new Acsys service allows multiple clients to share hardware partitioned for virtual dedicated operating system and application space. Through the use of industry leading VMware ESX servers, Acsys offers shared hosting clients greater availability, security, and flexibility without requiring significant upgrades and investments.

By combining VMware ESX with its storage area network (SAN), Acsys hosting provides automatic virtual server failover in the event of an ESX server outage. This cost-effective high availability solution provides greater online application availability at a fraction of the cost of hardware-dependent solutions.

Acsys virtual hosting leverages VMware dedicated operating space to enhance application security by preventing rogue code from bringing down an entire server. Combined with the Acsys SVPS (Site Vulnerability Protection Service) and SVPS Plus intrusion detection and network monitoring security offerings, Acsys virtual hosting provides industry leading security. An additional advantage of virtual hosting is the ability to add capacity such as RAM, disk space or an additional server in a web farm confirguration. This flexibility ensures that client sites can scale capacity on demand to meet unexpected peaks in traffic.

"Our new VM hosting service offers clients a cost-effective alternative to dedicated hosting," said Stan Valencis, President and CTO of Acsys. "Acsys VM hosting provides exceptional value to clients who need high availability, performance and protection for mission-critical web sites. This new hosting service broadens our ability to serve as a single point of contact for client interactive needs."

About Acsys Interactive

Acsys, Inc. ( is an award-winning, full-service interactive agency providing strategy, branding, design, eMarketing, software development, and hosting services with an emphasis on client results. Acsys takes a technology agnostic approach with expertise in Web 2.0, rich media, intranet, extranet, ecommerce, portal and mobile delivery. Its 10+ years of experience span across the consumer, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and non-profit industries. Clients include Amica, Timex, ING, Prudential, Fujifilm, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Sikorsky, and NYU. Acsys is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut with offices in New York.