Acsys Healthcare Revamps Virginia Hospital Center's Online Presence

JUL 2, 2007

Acsys, Inc. has been contracted by Virginia Hospital Center of Arlington, VA for a full rebranding and new Web site build out. Acsys partnered with VHC to design an experience that communicates and reinforces the most important and meaningful elements of the VHC brand. Since 1999, Virginia Hospital Center has been planning and executing a remarkable transformation. In 2004, VHC unveiled its new 530,000 square foot facility. The $150 million upgrade offers VHC patients and their families' access to advances in a wide array of medical technologies and service amenities that genuinely redefine the healthcare experience. One notable exception to VHC's upgrade was their online presence. Prior to partnering with Acsys, VHC's Web site lacked clarity, organization, and cohesive branding. While the experience was functional, it did not project the image of a progressive institution or convey the sense of "investment" that VHC was clearly making in virtually every facet of its business.

With these business drivers in mind, Acsys redesigned the site to feel warm, inviting and elegantly simple for visitors. The site was structured to give visitors a sense that VHC was a personable and human organization with an authoritative air that communicates confidence and a high level of expertise. At the same time, the design reinforces the notion that VHC is a progressive, technologically advanced institution with cutting edge facilities.

The challenge of providing current and engaging health content is a struggle that all hospitals face when building a Web site. Acsys was able to tackle this problem head-on by integrating third-party health content, provided by our partner EBSCO, into the VHC site experience. Not only does EBSCO content provide information on a wide range of health problems and conditions, it also adds value to site visitors by publishing daily news stories on current health trends, displaying health risk factors, and providing health assessments. Combined with a strong implementation of SiteManager technology, VHC is able to update and manage their site content, news stories, event calendar, and physician directory while providing immeasurable value to their site visitors.

The new site experience will give visitors a genuine sense that VHC is a leader—giving them the peace of mind and confidence that they have made the best decision possible.

About Acsys Interactive

Acsys, Inc. ( is an award-winning, full-service interactive agency providing strategy, branding, design, eMarketing, software development, and hosting services with an emphasis on client results. Acsys takes a technology agnostic approach with expertise in Web 2.0, rich media, intranet, extranet, ecommerce, portal and mobile delivery. Its 10+ years of experience span across the consumer, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and non-profit industries. Clients include Amica, Timex, ING, Prudential, Fujifilm, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Sikorsky, and NYU. Acsys is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut with offices in New York.