Acsys Partners with Halifax Health

AUG 7, 2007

Acsys has partnered with Halifax Health to create a website that will re-shape the online identity of Halifax Health.

Halifax Health is in the midst of undergoing an ambitious $200M+ multi-year transformation that will promote it to be one of Florida's largest, leading medical centers. Along with expansions to its facilities, staff and advanced technologies, Halifax is re-branding itself to project an image more in keeping with an industry leader. Upon the realization that for many people, the first experience with the Halifax Health brand would be via the Web site, Halifax engaged Acsys to design and build both permanent and interim websites that would accurately reflect the Health Center that Halifax is evolving into.

Given that Halifax needed to re-launch their site on a highly accelerated schedule before any other marketing materials were developed, Acsys was posed with challenges from every angle. The key difficulty was the lack of usable copy and photography for the new site, but because this issue was discovered early, Acsys was able to bring on additional resources to handle the extra work, which included content writing and photo shoots. Acsys was able to work around these issues and ensure a timely launch of the Web site. Acsys applied a rigid process, which led to a Web site that was designed, coded, and deployed in 6 weeks. This interim site also included several robust presentation and functional elements such as complex Flash and AJAX components. Acsys helped Halifax streamline and coordinate their own internal processes, making future updates and improvements easier and more cost effective.

The Web site was the first communication piece to market for Halifax in their re-branding efforts. Acsys assisted Halifax and made it possible to create a new and improved navigation scheme and streamline the experience for visitors to the site.

Effectively, the site is the organization's front door. With numerous offline efforts and millions of dollars invested in offline communications, it was understood that the Web site would be a critical component in helping to re-shape the brand identity. Surveys completed shortly after the site launched showed highly favorable results in regards to design and usability.

About Acsys Interactive

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