UX Designer (Product)

Department: Creative Technology
Office: CT, Boston, WPB

Are you genetically wired to design digital products? How do you really feel about Dribbble? How do you approach design? Favorite design podcast? Can you rattle off a list of rock-star designers like a groupie could list off… well… rockstars? Primacy has a home for an irrationally passionate Product Designer on our Experience Design team. 

Product Design at Primacy

Around the time the information superhighway was created (pretty close) — Primacy was pushing the boundaries of software development—creating, coding and implementing digital tools that helped businesses become more efficient, productive and forward thinking. From humble beginnings, we’ve built an Experience Design team that prides itself in staring down any design challenge. From proprietary products to marketing solutions, we doggedly seek opportunities to shape and create the content and service experiences that make brands stand apart. You are the kind of designer who asks challenging questions, sketches to think, prototypes to learn and researches to validate. You lean into action — your design approach shows the path forward, helping guide your team to learn and evolve ideas and patterns. Stakeholders, technologists, strategists, content and media experts — everyone is a valued contributor that you are willing, able and eager to tap into to shape smart, bold design solutions.

How you might work…
… fully-caffeinated and ready for whatever the day throws at you, you smoothly shift gears from one project to another and relentlessly push priorities to the finish line

… smarter and harder — you’re always informed and seeking opportunities to ask great questions, listen and learn, experiment, research, validate and evaluate effectiveness of work … boldly: whether it’s the next big idea or a new method in your playbook — you’re constantly pushing the quality of your work, and looking for opportunities to enhance the output of your team

… in a constant state of growth: every project, client, and colleague is an opportunity to both learn and teach — your passion for design is contagious

… collaboratively via in-person workshops or leveraging Freehand, Paper or Zoom to sketch, interview, capture and document

… with a grasp of the systems at play, competing forces and eyes on the horizon you use smart frameworks to shape and define direction, requirements, journeys, objectives and anything else the team might need to align, validate and move forward

… across the entire design work stream: as a product designer you need to operate with empathy for not just customers but for the business/brand

… at high and low fidelity, leveraging and influencing design systems, your visual design work is simple, thoughtful, beautiful — and usable

… inclusively — you don’t design happy paths, you design inclusive paths with accessibility and additional considerations (ex: access to technology) top of mind

… with ingenious pragmatism — you realize resources, calendars, businesses, technology and people have limitations, biases and other factors that impact how you approach your work

… design is not just how it looks, but how it works — and how we might, make it work even better

… curious, passionate, collaboratively, determined 

You can talk about…
Product Requirements, Technical Requirements, Functional Specifications, User Stories, CX, UX, UI, IA, Usability, Requirements, Journeys, Empathy, Design Thinking, Design Systems, Content Strategy, Optimization, Lean, Agile, etc.

The tools you use…
Whiteboards, Sketch, sunshine, Freehand, OptimalSort, UsabilityHub, Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and elbow grease

This role might be right if…
-You have a portfolio demonstrating the exceptional product/customer experiences you’ve created
-4+ Years of experience as a Product Designer, User Experience Designer, Visual Designer or related role
-A resume that highlights your experience, design-thinking-strategery and commitment to your craft
-Experience working in a fast-paced agency, freelancing/contracting, or working in-house in a start-up environment

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